Luz Marina Sarmiento

Dance Instructor

Where did Luz Marina, her training?

In Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile and Argentina.Teacher (Didacta) certified by IBF (International Biocentric Foundation) Additionally, he took trainings such as: Biodance for companiesBiocentric educationAffective integration for the FamilyBiodance for ChildrenEducational CoachingAquatic Biodance

How long does it take to train as a Biodance Teacher?

There are four years of training in which the student acquires pedagogical tools to become a teacher and be able to accompany others in their own learning.

Luz Marina has obtained some recognition?

Winner of the Call for Encourages 2012 of the Ministry of Culture within the framework of the celebration of the International Day of Dance “Colombia a country that dances”. With the support of 41 Biodance teachers more than 1000 people danced throughout the country. Subsequently, she lectured presentations on the experience in International Encounters of Biodance.

What experience has Luz Marina?

In Colombia, she worked as an entrepreneur, practicing her profession as a Business Administrator for 20 years. Then her life changed and since 2011 facilitates processes of growth and human development for different populations and educational, corporate and social environments. Later in the United States: Create a Program for organizations and companies “Expanding your Life and Expanding your Businesses” and implement it in Maryland through the company you founded, Fluyendo en Armonia, llc. (Flowing in Harmony LLC.) Biodance workshops for companies in: Aldana & Associates Public Accountants, MCS Communication LLC and Lighthouse Coaching Services LLC in Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia. In the Metropolitan area of ​​Washington DC, participates, participates and attends as a guest with workshops and / or dynamics on topics such as: Self-esteem and self-improvement, how to be a REAL success, Designing your Destiny, The Free Entrepreneur, Business Master, Masterminds, HOLA and Prepare yourself for the University and use your time wisely. In Rhode Island, workshops with various groups and participates in the Retreat for cancer survivors and their family through the Esperanza Support Group of the coalition for cancer control among Latinos.  In Miami, she is invited for four consecutive years to the Miami Biodance Festivals on international cruises. In Ecuador: Workshops and dynamics for Mastermind in a place called “The Middle of the World”, in the Jungle among native children (community of Shiripuno) and Aquatic Biodance in Papallacta Thermal Waters.

Do you want to know about us?

We met on a cruise in 2014. When the experience ends, I return to my beloved country; Colombia and start a love story from a distance. A year later I decide to take flight and come to this beautiful country to marry on the shore of the beach in the middle of the dance in a ceremony lovingly coordinated by our friends. Starting this a new chapter in our lives, surrendering to love in maturity, to continue flowing and dancing Life … now together with my new love Aldo Grossi, who has been in a constant search and has ventured into different disciplines to expand and elevate his level of consciousness in the process. We trained to be Life Coach and since then we have been working together in different workshops. He is in love with life, with interaction with other people, with nature and with holistic life. His basic profession Engineer in Process Control and Automation. Regarding Luz Marina she defines herself from the being, she is an entrepreneur who walks through life, connected with love and gratitude.  She is an eternal apprentice, with something to teach and much to learn, flowing in a continuous giving and receive.